Angie M. Johnston

Angie Johnston I'm currently a 4th year Ph.D. student in Yale's Psychology Department, where I work primarily with Laurie Santos and Frank Keil.

Broadly speaking, my research investigates our capacity to evaluate the information we learn from others. Learning information from others allows us to quickly and efficiently gain information that would otherwise be very difficult, or impossible, to acquire on our own. However, there are risks inherent to using others as sources of information, since the information they provide can be inaccurate, misleading, or even deceptive. The central goal of my research program is to discover how we evaluate this information and determine who to trust. In addressing this question, I integrate developmental work with children and comparative work with domesticated dogs and wild canids.

For more information about ongoing projects, please see my Current Research page. For links to published papers and electronic copies of posters, see my Publications page. Or, see my my Press page for links to recent press coverage.